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Watchdog Management is a full-service boutique artist management firm based out of Vancouver, BC. At the helm is Darren Gilmore, President, who leads a tight-knit staff of specialists that continue to cultivate and implement a cutting edge suite of artist and audience development strategies. Watchdog’s roster features some of North America’s premier talent. Along with Darren Gilmore, Watchdog Management’s ownership group includes legendary music industry figures Sam Feldman (James Taylor, Sarah McLachlan, Diana Krall) and Bruce Allen (Bryan Adams, Michael Buble, Jann Arden).


Watchdog Management uses innovative strategies to develop the next generation of career artists, producers, songwriters and mixers on a global scale. Our mission is to masterfully balance artistry with commerce, ensuring each step of an artist’s career reflects the collective values of both the talent and the company, while ensuring a long and prosperous career.



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